Top ten reasons why Naruhina will become cannon

1. Hinata was the first, and continues to be, the only character with sincere romantic affection towards Naruto.

2. Sakura’s false love confession pretty much seals the deal on this being out. Sakura falling for Naruto would be tacky, and obvious. This would be similar to Harry Potter and Hermoine hooking up.

3. While not having much air time, Hinata has continued to provide important plot points and stepping stones for Naruto’s growth. Going back to the Harry Potter reference, it should be noted that his final cannon pairing, Ginny, has about the same amount of appearence as Hinata throughout the story.

4. Hinata and Naruto have complimentary color schemes. Hinata has cool colors while Naruto has hot colors. This is the same for Sakura and Sasuke.

5. Hinata and Naruto have complimentary personalities. While Naruto is wild and loud, Hinata is reserved and quiet.

6. Hinata is not physically strong, but her presence gives strength to Naruto. Every time they have had a moment together, Naruto has always become stronger as a result.

7. Naruto saw Hinata dancing naked in a waterfall, and he totally digs that.

8. Hinata is in the perfect position to become the “one you should have loved all along” character. While this isn’t a spectacular Joss Whedon type plot development, it’s an obvious forshadowing in a series that does not focus primarily on romance. It is simply an inevitability that the series should lead to.

9. Naruto has hinted fondness for Hinata in several episodes, which could very well grow into love and companionship.

10. Hinata has giant boobies.

Yay naruhina!

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